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Projectile Motion %26 Circular Motion

1. What is the acceleration of a ball projected horizontally from the top a a 100m building in the horizontal direction?
It can not be calculated, 0 m/s2, 100m/s2, 10m/s2
2. A body is projected from horizontally with a velocity of 10m/s from the top of a building 100m heigh.What is the time taken for the body to fall to the ground?
No enough information to calculate time, 10s, 1s, 4.47s
3. When a body moves vertically upwards,the acceleration is
0m/s2 teacher , -10m/s2, %2b10m/s2, variable
4. The initial velocity(in the vertical direction) of a misile that is projected horizontally from a plane 2000km heigh is
0m/s, insufficient information to calculate the velocity, 200m/s, 10m/s
5. A ball is thrown horizontally from the roof of a building 45.0m tall and lands 24.0 m from the base.What is the initial horizontal velocity of the ball?
8m/s, 0m/s, 3m/s, 4m/s
6. The acceleration of a body in a circular path is known as
centripeter acceleration, deceleration, acceleration due to gravity, circumferencial acceleration
7. A bicycle tire of radius 0.4 rotates 600times in 800s. The average tagential velocity of the valve is
1.9m/s, 2.6m/s crossword maker , 0.9m/s, 4.2m/s
8. An automobile moves in a circle of radius 30m at the speed of 8.0m/s. What is the centripetal acceleration of the auto?
2.13m/s2, 2.57m/s2, 4m/s2, 3.75m/s2
9. Given that the moon is 384,403 km from earth and has a period of 28days,what is the centripetal acceleration?
0.0026m/s2, 0.0048m/s2, 13.73m/s2, 42.3m/s2