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Nomenclature and Formula of Binary Ionic Compounds

Match each box with the correct pair.

K₃P, PbO, It usually occurs between metals and non-metals, Lithium Oxide learning , Iron(III) oxide, PbO2, Involves sharing of electrons, Involves transfer of electrons, Iron(II)oxide, Sodium Bromide, A non-metal in group 1, Sodium Iodide, Magnessium Chloride test , MgO, Hydrogen Flouride, Aluminium Chloride,

FeO, Li2O results , Fe2O3, Hydrogen, NaBr, HF, Lead(IV)oxide, Magnessium oxide help students assimilate material , Potassium Phosphide, Lead(II) oxide, MgCl, NaI, Ionic bonding, covalent bonding, AlCl3, ionic bonding,