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9 weeks test review

Answer the following questions. Use your notes if you have too. This is to help you review. It will show you the answers after you finish.

1. What is an herbivore?
it is a habit, because food becomes water, because food is good, because it give the organism energy,
2. What is a food chain?
soil, water, light,
3. What is a food web?
snake, seeds, sun, hawk,
4. What does a carnivore eat?
tree, water, bird, frog,
5. What do all living things need in order to survive?
it will keep him warmer, It helps keep him cooler in the winter multiple choice questions , It helps keep him warmer in the winter, It helps him blend in with the environmet so predators cant see him,
6. Which of the following does not need food to grow?
desert, tropical rain forest, polar region, grasslands,
7. An animal with white fur would probably live where?
to get energy from the sun, the grass is a food source for the top predator, the grass makes its own food, and the energy is used by other organisms, the grass breaks down dead organisms,
8. What is a consumer
rocks and sun, trees and grasshoppers, grass and sun,
9. A foxes fur changes color from brown to white. Why is it important for the fur to change color?
plants only, meat only, both plants and animals,
10. In a food chain, if you remove the top predator, the secondary consumer will decrease.
an animal that eats plants, an animal that eats animals, an animal that eats both plants and animals,
11. What happens on the energy pyramind as you get closer to the top?
An organism that eats other organsims, , ,
12. Which is an example of a biotic and abiotic factor?
the path that energy transfers from one organism to the next, , ,
13. What isthe role of the grassin the food chain?
overlapping food chain, the transfer of energy from one organsim to another generate answer keys , Answer_3,
14. In a food chain, the rabbit would get its energy from
TRUE, FALSE results , ,