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Cell Part Function Match

nuclear membrane, nucleolus short answer questions , nucleus, ribosomes, prokaryote, cell wall, mitochondria, microscope, parts in plant cells only, chloroplasts, cytoplasm dynamic quiz , cells, chromosomes educational games , cell membrane, vacuole, eukaryote,

chloroplast, cell wall, large vacuole, large storage tank in plant cells, All living things are made of ___., cell that does not have a nucleus. Example) bacteria, cell that does have a nucleus Example) plant cell educational activities , makes protein in the cell, produces food in plant cells by capturing sun%27s energy, surrounds nucleus, contain DNA, controls what enters or leaves the cell, Inside the nucleus; makes ribosomes, produces cell%27s energy, outer barrier of plant cells only, the %22gel%22 of the cell, Device we need to use to magnify the cells in order to see them., control center of the cell online activities ,