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River Valley Civilization Terms

Match the definition to each term.

Barter system, Irrigation, Dynasty, Pharaoh create online quizzes , Phoenicia, Theocracy, Monarchy, Delta, Hierarchy, Hammurabil%27s Code, Ten Commandments educational games , Culture, Cultural Diffusion, City-State, Cataract, Empire,

Ruler of Egypt, 1 Ruler, Government in which political ruler is religious leader educational games , A people%27s unique way of life, Spread of one group%27s culture to another crossword maker , Triangluar-shaped marshy area, World%27s 1st Law Code, Independent city with own ruler/economic system, A civilization conquers/ rules over another, World%27s 1st Sea Traders, Trading one good for another, System of organization where people are ranked based on status/wealth, System of Succession passed through families. active teaching , Farming method whereby water is carried to crops in the field, Moral Law Code, Rapids or Waterfalls which impede travel on a river,