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Comparatives and Superlatives

Select the correct answer.

1. My mother spent ________________ amount of money she could.
the most important, more important than, ,
2. Who has ________________ handwriting in your family?
neater, the neatest, ,
3. Do you think men are ________________ women at organizing things?
worse than, bad, ,
4. I have __________ money than yesterday.
the best, better than, ,
5. Is money ________________ having an interesting job?
the most exciting, more exciting, ,
6. Which job do you think is ________________ in the world?
faster than, the fastest, ,
7. Is a job inside ________________ a job outside?
less, the least, ,
8. Which of your friends types on a computer ________________ you?
the youngest, younger than, ,
9. I am ________________ in my family.
the oldest, older than, learning ,