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Hebrew_Judaism Quiz

1. Where did the Hebrew settle?
along the Nile River, Near the Lebanon Mts. and the Mediterranean Sea, In Mesopotamia, Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea
2. help students assimilate material What are the written laws of the Hebrew?
Code of Hammurabi, Golden Rule, Ten Commandments, Rock Edicts
3. What is the Exodus?
Hebrew flight from Egypt, Hebrew removal to Babylon, Hebrew settlement in Canaan, Hebrew migration across Mesopotamia
4. What is the Hebrew sacred text?
Vedas, Bible, Torah, Quran
5. Which of the following is the founder of Judaism?
Moses, Jesus, Solomon, Abraham
6. What is the Diaspora?
Hebrew flight from Egypt, Hebrew removal to Babylon distance learning , Hebrew settlement in Palestine, Hebrew migration to other areas.
7. Judaism influenced two other religions. What are these religions?
Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Islam