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6°A Term 1 Activity 4

Select the right answer to complete the following sentences.

1. Have you ever been in a lecture that _____________ for a long time?
give up, get over, get on language , bring up,
2. Have you ever _____________ for exercise classes or for a gym?
brought up, cut down, signed up, gone out,
3. Who is the person in your family that you _____________ with most?
cut down, got over, made out, broken down,
4. My grandfather lived until he was 95, even though he never exercised or ate salads - he was _____________ in a different world.
went on, made out, broke down, got on,
5. Have you ever had a cold or the flu? How long did it take you to _____________ it?
get on, make out, break down, get over,
6. I should exercise because it makes me feel better - but I won%27t allow it to _____________ my whole life.
broken down, made out, brought up, taken over,
7. No matter how good their genes are, these children will not be able to enjoy a long and happy life unless they _____________ chocolate, sugary drinks, etc.
go on, get on, take over, go out,
8. Have you ever been in a car that has _____________?
take up, take over, give up, get out,
9. I%27m not going to _____________ smoking or eat fast food every day.
bring up, take up, break down, sign up,