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SELECT ALL THE CORRECT ANSWERS for the first 4 questions. Then Select JUST 1 ANSWER for the rest.

1. Animals, like elephants and horses, were used to build amazing structures, like the pyramids __________, their hard work and suffering are hardly ever acknowledged.
should, shouldn%27t, ought to, have to,
2. ____________ animals work hard for us, they are often abandoned when they get sick or too old to work.
Yet, Even though, But online activities , However,
3. Many people are against animal testing. ____________ without such tests, we would not have developed new medicines.
But, However, Even though, Yet,
4. Some people think the reason I became vegetarian is because I love animals. ____________, I am vegetarian for health reasons, and not because I care about animal rights.
Yet, Even though, On the contrary, However,
5. In modern cities, we don%27t see animals suffering. ____________, developed countries spend a lot of money every year on pet food, pet toys and health care.
However, Even though, On the contrary online , But,
6. ____________ people claim that animal rights aren%27t protected, there are many organizations all over the world that focus on this issue.
But, However, Even though, Yet,
7. We can use... to make a recommendation.
Even though, Yet, On the contrary, But,
8. Horses, camels and elephants were used to transport armies and soldiers during wars. ___________, many of these animals died in these wars.
Yet, Even though, However, On the contrary,
9. Many people eat meat. _____________, humans don%27t need animal protein to stay healthy.
Even though, Yet, On the contrary quiz generator , And,
10. We can use...... to express obligation. This means things that you believe are important and necessary, or the things that are required by a school or a formal authority.
Yet, On the contrary, However, But,