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1. Which are the usual ways that people talk to babies?
using a higher pitch and uttering words clearly help students assimilate material , ignoring their babbling and speaking firmly, raising their voice and making gestures, they do nothing special, just by speaking normally
2. Is baby-talk positive?
It depends., No, it isn%27t., Yes, it is., No, it slows down language acquisition!
3. What is babbling?
mimicking animal sounds, greeting mum and dad noisily, repeating strings of consonant %2b vowel combinations, using the /b/ sound a lot.
4. What is the role played by eye contact in language development?
It helps the baby interact, so it helps communicate better., When they make eye contact they feel good emotionally, It plays a less important part in learning a language, Scientists don%27t know the answer to that question yet.