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French and Italian terms Review

Quiche , Mis en place , Penne , Eclair , Dijon , Bruchetta, Saute , roux stimulate your students , Prosciutto short answer questions , Al dente , vinneigrette , baguette , Risotto ESL , Crepe , entree, Antipasto , Gelato , Cappuccino , hors d%27oeurves , Minestrone , Bouillon short answer questions , Croissant, Espresso,

Long crusty loag of french bread , to fry in oil/butter generate answer keys , A light buttery yeast role shaped into a crescent , everything in it%27s place , salad dressing with wine, oil, and seasonings , dried cured ham , Cylinder shaped pasta , Soup Stock made from meat and veggies create online activities , Egg and cream pie , Very thin pancake usually rolled around filling , Firm textured pasta, Italian Ice Cream , Before the meal , Mustard origionally from dijon france , Appetizers, Strong coffee made with boiling water, Main dish or course of the meal , Bread with garlic tomatos, veggies, meat, or cheese, thick soup made with veggies, beans, rice, or pasta online quizzes , Coffee made with cream instead of milk , Rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency , A mixture of flour and melted butter used to thicken liquids , Pastry filled with custard or cream filling ,