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WWII People

Harry Truman, Benito Mussolini printable , Winston Churchill, Douglas MacArthur, Hideki Tojo, Rwandan Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler computer assisted language learning , Great Purge, Hirohitoweb page, George Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Cambodian Genocide, Holocaust, Franklin Roosevelt,

Soviet dictator, Final Solution that included extermination camps and gas chambers computer assisted language learning , Killing by the Ottoman Empire of the minority group, Allied commander in the Pacific, Members of the elite killed by Stalin, Allied commander in Europe print quizzes , Japanese general short answer questions , Educated individuals killed by Pol Pot, US General distance learning , Emperor of Japan, British Prime Minister, US President at the beginning of the war, Nazi dictator of Germany, Italian fascist dictator class page , US President who decided to use the atomic bomb, Hutus killing the Tutsi minority once control was seized,