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World War I Vocabulary

Woodrow Wilson, Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations web tool , Imperialism, Fourteen Points, Militarism, Armistice, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Propaganda, Trench Warfare create online quizzes , Central Powers, Triple Entente save time , Triple Alliance, Allies, Kaiser Wlihelm II grading , Nationalism create online quizzes ,

alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Empire leading into WWI, policy of glorifying military crossword maker , organization to promote international peace, US did not join, Ruler of Germany during WWI printable , extreme pride in ones country, his assassination began WWI, end of WWI, Germany has to pay reparations, agreement to stop fighting, ideas spead to influence public opinion for or against a cause, Woodrow Wilson%27s proposals to achieve peace after WWI, Britain, France, and Russia- later joined by Italy quiz , President of US during WWI, alliance between Britain, France, and Russia leading into WWIstimulate your students , a form of warfare when armies fight each other from trenches dug in the battlefield, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, a strong nation dominates a weaker nation politically/socially/economically,