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Mesopotamia_Egypt Review_v2

1. Agriculture led to the rise of settlements in Egypt and Mesopotamia because it created _____.
conflict between city-states, food surplus, religious beliefs, trade routes
2. How were ziggurats used in Mesopotamia?
Worship the gods., Fortresses in times of war., Tombs for Pharaohs., Store grain.
3. Why was the Code of Hammurabi significiant in world history?
It made the first trade laws., It created equality between men and women., It was the first written law code., It provided a guideline for citizen behavio.
4. quiz generator How did the Rosetta Stone help historians?
Made research ethical. quiz builder , Revealed the tomb of King Tut., Translated hieroglyphs., Contained plans for building the pyramids.
5. Which civilization had the biggest influence on Nubia?
Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria
6. Which river valley%27s first settlements were in a delta?
Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India
7. Which of the following characteristics do Mesotpomia and Egyptian government have in common?
Retribution, Pharaohs, Code of Hammurabi, Hereditary Rule