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have a lot in common, get dressed, cheeky, creative, look out!, clothes match, hang out with sb, childish, be there for sb, get changed, clothes fit you, cool, look sth up mix questions , very nice, brave, look %2b as if/as though %2b clause, look %2b like %2b noun, lose touch with sb, look %2b adj, fall out quiz , look after sb/sth, get undressed, clothes suit you, get on well, good-looking,

take your clothes off crossword maker , mischievous, put your clothes on distant learning , take care of sb/sth, clothes are the right colour, shape or style for you, clothes are right size for you, be reliable, have an argument, adorable, imaginative, elegant, have a particular appearance tool for teachers , have a similar appearance to sb/sth, be careful!, have a good relationship, adventurous improve results , clothes go well with your hair, eyes or other clothes, have similar interests, take your clothes off and put different clothes on web tool , stop seeing sb, socialise with sb, suggest an appearance or situation is because of sthweb page, attractive, immature, find information in a book/online/in a dictionary,