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Activity 4. Personal Information.

Activity 4. Personal Information. Directions. Choose the correct question. M.E. Leticia Cruz Bas.

1. It is December 5th.
When is your birthday?, What is your age?, How old are you?, How are you?
2. I am Charles Wilson.
What is your name?, What is your nationality?, How old are you?, Where are you from?
3. I am Brazilian.
Where are you from?, What country is it?, What is your nationality?, How are you?
4. It is Harrison.
What is your first name?, How do you spell it?, What is your last name?, What is your nickname?
5. I am fifty.
What is it?, How old are you?, What is your phone number?, How age are you?
6. It is
What is your e-mail?, What is your last name?, What is your address? , What is it?
7. I am an engineer.
What does you do?, What do you does?, What are you?, What do you do?
8. I am from New Zealand.
What is your nationality?, What is your country?, Where are you from?, What is it?
9. I live on Avenue St. Louis
What is your direction?, What is your address?, What is your adres?, What is your addres?