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Activity 2. Verb To Be

Activity 2. Verb To Be. Directions. Read carefully and choose the correct answer. M.E. Leticia Cruz.

1. Cathy _____ from Canada.
am, are , is, %27m
2. Marcus speaks French but he _____ from France. He _____ English.
is - is not, are - are not matching excercise , is not - is, are not - are
3. My best friend _____ Jonathan.
%27mweb page, is, am, are
4. Karla and Gabrielle work at the hospital. They _____ nurses.
is, are, is not, are not
5. Marie and Pierre lives together but they _____ married. They _____ single.
is - is not, are - are not, is not - is, are not - are
6. My last name _____ Wilson.
is , are, is not, are not
7. activity What _____ your first name?
are, are not, is, is not
8. I lives in Canada but I _____ English.
%27m not, am, am not, is
9. Are you Charles? Yes, I____.
%27m, am not, am, %27m not