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Scientists of the Atomic Theory

John Dalton, JJ Thomson, Robert Millikan, Ernest Rutherford,

quiz generator No Experiment, educational activities Gold foil, Oil Drop, Cathode Ray Tube, Matter is made of indivisible solid particles called atoms, Discovered dense positive nucleus, Discovered exact value for the charge of an electron , short answer questions My mentor invented the cathode ray tube, Solid Sphere, Nuclear atomic model, No Model, What I discovered we now call an electron, Discovery of Isotopes disproves me :(, Incorrect arrangement of electrons in model, My value for the electron is still used today, Plum pudding model, Same element share same mass and properties, tool for teachers Law of Conservation of Mass applied to atoms, Used drops of oil to calculate charge on electron, Nuclear model of atom replaced my model, build your own quiz Different elements have different mass/properties, Discovered atoms are mostly empty space, I am the mentor to E. Rutherford, I discovered a negatively charged particle, Atoms join in whole # ratios to form compounds, online education He disproved the plum pudding model of atom, Discovery of subatomic particles disproves me, generate answer keys Father of Modern Atomic Theory,