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Graphics Desktop Publishing

1. two parts of photoshop to check if you have a problem
red and blue, red and yellow, all of these create online tests ,
2. Adobe format for a document that all can open on a computer
pdf, doc, aud,
3. very common graphic format; but it doesn%27t keep transparency
tools and menu, tools and layers crossword maker , color and layers,
4. A link that moves you to a different website or document
tool, window, pixel,
5. a graphic that represents a company
jpg, gif elearning , bmp,
6. tiny box of color that makes up a graphic or a computer screen
painting, digital graphic, none of these,
7. a picture created or edited using a computer
magic eraser, bevel, wav,
8. a 3-D appearance on a picture or text
eraser, magic eraser, move tool,
9. graphic format that saves any transparency
digital graphic, logo, tagline,
10. eraser that erases the color you click on
jpg, png, gif,