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WP Skills

1. A header is used to
add a title to a document. distance learning , insert copyright information., change the margins of the document., repeat text at the top of every page.
2. interactive learning To add a header or footer to a google document
double click at the top or bottom of the page., go to the edit menu and choose add header or footer., go to the insert menu and choose header or footer., click the header or footer icon in the toolbar to turn it on.
3. When a word is misspelled in a Google Doc,
it will be automatically corrected by Google Docs. generate answer keys , it will be underlined in red., it will be underlined in green., you will need to run spell check to determine the misspelled words.
4. To double space text, select the text and
choose 2 for spacing after clicking the spacing tool., pressing return at the end of each line., pressing return after each sentence., go to the format menu and choose double.
5. A thesaurus is used to
look for misspelled words., find grammar errors in a sentence., list the definitions of a selected word., provide synonyms of a word.
6. The effect in which text moves around an image without going on top of it.
Text wrapping., Text formatting., Text spacing., Text alignment.
7. A table can be used in a word processing document to
to display rows and columns of data in an organized fashion., create columns of text., to display many sections of text and graphics across a page., all of the above.
8. online quizzes Which of the following is NOT a file extension for a word processing document?
.doc, .jpg, .docx, .pages
9. language Bulleted text is used to
align text., create numbered lists., create lists., double space text.