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The Stone Age

Identify the characteristics of a Paleolithic Hominid vs. a Neolithic Hominid

Paleolithic, Neolithic, group_name3, group_name4,

Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, educational games The Agricultural Revolution, Hunter-Gatherers, Lived in Clans, educational games Settled Communities, First to create Fire, Needs: plentiful wild animals and plants, Needs: Permanent locaton near fresh water, Created Cave Art, Nomadic, First to develop an Oral Language, Simple Tools %26 Weapons, Complex Tools and Weapons, Followed Animal Migrations, language Daily Lives based on Survival Needs, Domesticated Plants %26 Animals, Population Grew, Began with the development of Agriculture, Created Pottery, Began Weaving Clothing, Established Villages, Longest period of the Stone Age, activity Built Permanent Structures, printable Often used Caves for Shelter,