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Civil War 3 - major concept review

Complete this Kubbu review after reading chapter 14 from the Brinkley text. Within this activity, you will need to %22drag and drop%22 ideas so as to match them with the United States, Confederate States, border states or Great Britain. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.

Confederate States, Great Britain, United States, ,

also known as CSA, won the First Battle of Bull Run, contained some industry, VA%27s Tredegar Iron Works, Jefferson Davis sworn in as President for six year term , used both national, state %26 local many currencies, initially the war goal was to preserve the Union, help students assimilate material war goals changed in the aftermath of Antietam, felt Britian would intervene to get access to cotton, had stockpiles of Southern cotton previously purchased, didn%27t %22recognize%22 South due to concerns over slavery, ignored judicial writ releasing MD secessionist, distant learning label %22Union Party%22 used by war effort supporters in 1864 , quiz builder Sanitary Commission organized nurses , assess performance Appalachian Mt. whites resisited gov. of this side, inflation took off and reached 9,000 percent, ironclad Virginia sent by this side to attack blockade, aging Winfield Scott was a major commander at first, Mason %26 Slidell were on this nation%27s captured vessel , imported cotton from areas such as India and Egypt, Seward served as Secretary of State for this side, Vicksburg military victory brought good cheer to nation, last major attempt to invade North resulted in Gettysburg, capital city was Richmond, Army of the Potomac, Army of Northern Virginia was Robert Lee%27s army, bought major warships from British such as Shenandoah, online learning games %22March to the Sea%22 carried out by this side%27s Sherman , surrendered one major army at Appomattox, African American enlistment started as early as 1863, had no political parties during war, quiz generator started a new banking system %26 uniform currency,