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Graphics and Desktop publishing

combination of text and graphics for publications, magic eraser, pixel, T, digital graphic, Microsoft Publisher, tools and layers, bevel, jpg quiz builder , logo, byte, pdf, corners - diagonally english , hyperlink, red and yellow, gif,

the tool in Photoshop that creates text matching excercise , Adobe format for a document that all can open on a computer, two ideas to remember when resizing a graphic, save an image as this to maintain its transparency, very common graphic format, but doesn%27t keep transparency, a link that moves you to a different website or document, a picture created or edited using a computer, desktop publishing, two parts of photoshop to check if you have a problem, attracting colors; a principle of graphic design, a 3-D appearance on a picture or text, program used for desktop publishing, space in memory or storage to hold one character, tiny box of color that makes up a graphic or the computer screen, a graphic that represents a company save time , Photoshop eraser that erases by color,