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%22CELLS%22 (Lesson 1 pg.22-29)

nucleus, tissue, choloplasts, plant cells, animal cells, cytoplasm, cell wall, chlorophyll, vacuoles learning , cells, organ results history , unicellular, cell membrane elearning , mitochondria, organism, organelles, multicellular , organ system school ,

these are like tiny organs inside a cell, part of the cell that stores water, food, and waste, group of tissues working together to do a job, the %22power plant%22 that supplies energy for the cell , box-like cells protected by a cell wall that create plants, organisms made of many cells english , stiff structure surrounding a plant cell that provides strength and support, chemical that makes plants green and helps use sunlight, control center of the cell that sends signals to the cell, a single-celled organism (organism madeof only one cell) english , green structure that absorbs sunlight for food, gel-like liquid in a cell that provides support for organelles (tiny organs), the smallest part of organisms %22building blocks of life%22, flexible wrapping around a cell that acts like skin , organis working together to do a job, a bunch of cells working together to do a job, round cells surrounded by cell membranes that create animals, any living thing,