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Connective Tissue Cells

Fibroblasts, Macrophages, Mast Cells, Plasma Cells,

Stellate or spindle shaped , Ovoid or flattened nuclei, prepare quiz AKA Histiocytes, Irregularly-shaped cell, Large nucleus, Many lysosomes, Well-developed ER and Golgi, Derived from monocytes, Cytoplasm fill with dark basophilic granules, Cytoplasm is darker than nucleus, invite students Derived from basophils, Inflammation, allergies, innate immunity, tissue repa, Granules with histamine, heparin, inflam. mediators, Large ovoid cell, printable Basophilic cytoplasm, Clock-faced nucleus (altern. hetero and euchromatin), Golgi juxtanuclear, Derived from B lymphocytes, Secrete antibodies, Released matrix metalloproteinases,