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Scientific Method

Pick the best answer to which step of the scientific method the clue belongs.

1. Who, what, when, why, how?
Make an observation., Ask a question., Make a hypothesis., Test the hypothesis.
2. Notice a situation or problem.
Make an observation., Analyze the data., Test the hypothesis., Communicate results.
3. Make an educated guess or prediction to solve the problem.
Ask a question. elearning , Analyze the data., Test the hypothesis., Make a hypothesis.
4. Create an activity or experiment.
Make an observation, Test the hypothesis., Draw a conclusion, Analyze the data.
5. Study the information gathered.
Analyze the data., Make an observation. , Draw a conclusion., Test the hypothesis.
6. Make a final decision about your hypothesis.
Test the hypothesis., Draw a conclusion., Ask a question., Report results.
7. Which shows the steps of the scientific method in order?
Ask question, make observation, test hypothesis, report results, Draw conclusion, test hypothesis, anaylze data, report results, Ask question, test hypothesis, analyze data, draw conclusion, Make observation, test hypothesis, report, ask questions
8. Which teacher thinks you rock and are a genius in your own way?
Professor Snape, Dr. Dolittle, Professor Plum, Mrs. Miller