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Lesson 2.1 %26 2.2

Water Damage printable , Maintenance that requires the opening of a computer, Protecting Against Static Electricity, Cookies, 68-75 Degrees, Physical Damage, Surge Suppressors, Laser Jet Printers, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Power Spikes, Magnets, Maintenance, Disk Defragmentation, 20%25-Dew Point, Keyboard or Mouse, Ink Jet Printers,

Should be performed by a computer professional, Use grounding protection or tile floors or antistatic carpet learning , A battery providing electric current during a power outage, Clean every time you change the toner cartridge, tasks you perform to keep equipment working, Optimal relative humidity range for a computer, Small Text Files that a Web site uses to identify a specific computer, Keep stationary equipment stable %26 use cases for moblie devices, Protect from power spikes, Completely dry out a computer before restoring power, Optimal temperature range for a computer, Reorganization of fragmented files to create space on a computer online quizzes , Short, fast transfers of electric voltage or energy, Use compressed air or dry cloth to clean, Keep these away from computers, Use Self-Cleaning Mode,