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SAT Words #86-100

subtle, wary, tactful, transient, spontaneity, tenacious, Love, surreptitious educational activities , spurious, superficial, superfluous, suppress, submissive create online activities , substantiate, venerable, vindicate,

considerate, skillfull in acting to avoid offense to others, How your mom feels about you, lacking authenticity, false, respected because of age, shallow, lacking in depth, impulsive action, unplanned events, to clear from blame or suspicion, hard to detect, hard to describe, perceptive, determined, keeping a firm grip on , to verify, confirm, provide supporting evidence, tending to meekness, to submit to the will of others, temporary, short-lived, fleeting, careful, cautious quiz generator , to end an activity, to prevent the dissemination of information, extra, more tha nenough, redudent educational games , secret, stealthy,