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Irregular Verbs

Match the irregular verb to its simple past and past particple form.

Pay, Give, Throw, Spend, Meet, Leave, Make, Set, Choose, Hold, Know, Break , Hide, Fight, Send, Cut, Feel, Buy, Run, Understand, Go educational games , Ride, Tell, Hear, Be, Hang online education , Show, Keep, Think, Build, Sleep, Do, Put, Say, Lendstimulate your students , Bleed, Let, Drink online learning games , Fall, Grow, Bite , Eat, Ring dynamic quiz , Come, Cost, Get, Feed, Bring, Hurt, See, Hit, Swim, Drive educational activities , Forget, Take short answer questions , Have, Read, Teach, Lose, Find, Speak, Sit, Become english , Dig,

Made Made, Felt Felt online learning games , Spoke Spoken, Found Found, Was/Were Been crossword maker , Had Had, Dug Dug english , Bought Bought, Let Let, Showed SHown online quizzes , Knew Known, Read Read, Sat Sat , Kept Kept, Lent Lent, Became Become, Grew Grown, Set Set, Ate Eaten, Broke Broken, Held Held, Hid Hidden, Took Taken, Swam Swum short answer questions , Put Put, Drank Drunk, Forgot Forgotten, Lost Lost , Threw Thrown, Ran Run, Rang Rung, Hung Hung, Cost Cost, Hurt Hurt, Fed Fed, Paid Paid, Slept Slept, Said Said, Drove Driven, Rode Ridden, Thought Thought, Bit Bitten, Brought Brought, Went Gone, Bled Bled, Left Left, Understood Understood, Chose Chosen save time , Met Met, Fell Fallen, Gave Given, Built Built results history , Told Told, Came Come, Heard Heard web tool , Did Done, Saw Seen, Hit Hit, Spent Spent, Sent Sent , Taught Taught, Got Gotten, Fought Fought, Cut Cut,