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Adjective-Noun and Adjective-Adverb Collocations

Collocations are ready chunks of language frequently used by native speakers. It%27s a habit of the language. It%27s vitally important to stick with them in case you want to achieve fluency. Choose the right option for each case suggested in the task. There is only one correct option.

1. Last year we had several blizzards and it was bitterly cold almost every day. Fortunately, this year we’re having a _____ winter.
highly, wide, thoroughly, entirely,
2. You can’t eat a bag of Doritos and a diet Coke for lunch every day. You need to eat ______ meals.
hard, rough, harsh, tough,
3. The weather report is calling for _____ rain this afternoon. There’s a flood watch in effect for several counties.
urgent, instant, immediate, prompt,
4. I was exhausted, so I drank a double espresso. Now I’m _____ awake.
grand , considerable, complex mix questions , big,
5. We can’t afford to hire someone we need to train. We need someone who can step in and have a(n) _____ impact.
great, deep, serious, heavy,
6. Honestly, I have no idea which candidate I’m voting for. I just don’t have very _____ political beliefs.
high, great, large, big,
7. Some people will undoubtedly be a few minutes late. There is really ______ traffic today.
modest, slight, light, little,
8. I wasn’t expecting much of a raise, so I was ______ surprised when I got a sizeable raise.
heavy, harsh, strong, powerful,
9. I was nervous about skydiving at first, but now I’m happy I did it. What a(n) _____ experience!
light, slight, weak, mild,
10. The _____ majority of Americans have never been to Europe.
deep , great, thorough create online activities , utter,
11. There is a _____ chance that I’ll have to travel to one of our subsidiaries in April.
calm, solid, composed, cool,
12. I didn’t want to bother Carl. He was in his office and it looked like he was lost in ______ thought.
harsh, angry learning , strong, heated,
13. The database has an incredibly ______ amount of information.
sensational, favorable, hot, popular,
14. To work in customer service, you need to be able to keep a _____ head. You can’t get upset every time someone yells at you.
high, thorough, great, complete,
15. I had no idea that Dave left the company. This comes as a _____ shock to me.
great, massive, huge,
16. I have _____ admiration for the senator. She’s been a respected member of Congress for over thirty years.
perfect, unwelcome, deep, total,
17. Can we meet at 6:30 instead of 7:30 for dinner? I had a _____ lunch, and I’m starting to get hungry.
big, great, hard, strong,
18. We arrived in LA very quickly. I had no idea the train traveled at such a _____ speed.
harsh, high, strong, heavy,
19. Our CEO and company president got into a(n) _____ debate yesterday. They were at each other’s throats.
total, balanced, genuine, beneficial,
20. This research is too general. What we need is more _____ information.
strong, heavy, rough, enormous,
21. I was expecting a brief overview, so I was surprised when they went into everything in _____ detail.
welcomely, happily, pleasantly, cheerfully,
22. The news was a shock for Miguel. He stared at his friends in _____ disbelief.
deep, profound, thorough, detailed,
23. Bill’s doctor told him that he needs to start getting ______ exercise. He’s overweight and has high blood pressure.
strong, greatweb page, high, significant,
24. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re making a _____ mistake.
large, high, great, big,
25. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s a _____ decision. Why don’t you sleep on it and tell me your answer in the morning?
immense, vast, huge, big,
26. It’s hard to take _____ criticism, especially if it’s true.
usual, routine, consistent, regular,
27. Big Data is a _____ topic right now in the IT field.
alarmed, overwhelmed, surprised, utter,
28. I didn’t like the house I looked at today. It was rather cramped and there was a _____ smell in the basement.
key, base, root, basic,
29. Do we have any idea what the _____ cause is of this issue?
slight, mild, soft, weak,