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Match the elements of fiction for Holes

Match the element of fiction with its counterpart in Holes.

Conflict Man vs Man, Dynamic character, Setting, Conflict Man vs Nature, Main character, Supporting character who steals Mr. Sir%27s sunflower seeds, Round character who is in charge of the boys in Stanley%27s group, Flat and static character who is second in command to the Warden, Ideas and thoughts from the novel, Dynamic and round character who Stanley teaches to read, Antagonist, Third person ESL , Dynamic character, leader of Stanley%27s group of trouble boys, Plot online , Theme, Conflict Mans vs Self educational games ,

You are in charge of your own destiny. Never leave your friends behind, Stanley and Zero trying to survive in the desert. language , Stanley changes from an overweight insecure boy to a man of action. school , X-Ray, Camp Greenlake, Friendship, adversity, abuse of authority, justice, The Warden, Magnet save time , Stanley Yelnats, Mr.Pendanski ESL , Stanley making a decision wether to search for Zero or not, Mr. Sir, , Stanley defies the Warden for posession of a treasure., Zero dynamic quiz , Point of View, A boy is sentenced to hard labor for a crime he did not commit.,