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7 Ratio Analysis (Razones Financieras) Definiciones

Relaciona cada razón financiera con su definición. No hay límite de tiempo. ¡Suerte!

Debt Ratio, Working Capital invite students , Accounts Payable Turnover, Days sales inventory, Profit Margin, Cash cycle, Total Asset Turnover, Equity Ratio, Accounts Receivable Turnover, Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Days Accounts Uncollectible, Times Interest Earned, Acid Test Ratio / Quick Ratio, Days Accounts Payable, Current Ratio, Gross Margin, Inventory Turnover,

Number of times merchandise is sold and replaced, Total equity as a percent of total assets, How frequently a company collects its receivables, Measures the short-term debt-paying ability of the company, Portion of assets that are being contributed by creditors , Current assets financed from long-term capital sources, Ability of the operations to provide for borrowings, Like the current ratio, excludes current assets as inventory, How long it takes to sell the inventory, How many times receivables are converted to cash , Ability to earn gross profit for each dollar of sales., Ability to earn net profit from each sales dollar web tool , How long the company%27s activities turn into cash, Company’s ability to use its assets to generate sales, Total liabilities as a percent of total assets, How long the business takes to pay its credit suppliers, How quickly a company pays off its suppliers,