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5 Equivalency of Concepts Level 2

Relaciona cada concepto con su definición. No hay límite de tiempo. ¡Suerte!

Credit period , Depletion, Units-of production method , Equity Method, Parent company, Subsidiary, Carrying amount prepare quiz , Perpetual inventory system , Specific identification method , Weighted average cost inventory method dynamic quiz , Consignee , Factor , Consolidation method, Obsolescence , Net realizable value , Indirect method - Statement of Cash Flows prepare quiz , FIFO method , Consignor , Periodic inventory system , Investing activities distant learning , Goodwill, Financing activities , Residual value , LIFO method , Accelerated depreciation , Amortization , Operating activities , Interest , Bad debts , Discount period ,

Costs for the most recent items purchased are sold first test , Yields larger depreciation expense during the early years e-learning , (Beginning inventory %2b Purchases)/Units in inventory, The accounts of customers who do not pay what they promised, Selling price less the estimated costs of completion %26 sale, Allocating the cost of an intangible asset over useful life, Inventory items are sold in the order acquired print quizzes , Obtaining cash from issuing debt and repaying the borrowings, Continually updates accounting records., Used when one company has significant influence, Charges a varying amount depending on the usage, Updates the accounting records at the end of the period, Owns %3e50%25 of shares, Receives and holds goods owned by another until sale, Used when one company has control over the other, Time allowed before full payment is due, Contolled by parent company, Cash discount is available and a reduced payment can be made., A buyer of accounts receivable who charges a fee, An owner of goods who ships them to another to sell them, The cost of borrowing money, An estimate of an asset%27s value at the end its benefit period, Cost of PP%26E minus accumilated depreciation, Excedent value of a company, Starts w/ Net Profit %27n readjusts it to obtain cash transactions, Purchase cost of each item in inventory is the cost assigned, Activities of purchasing and disposing of PP%26E generate answer keys , Decline in value %27cause of new inventions and improvements, Activities that involve the merchandise or services provide, Allocating the cost of natural resources as they consume,