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4 Equivalency of Concepts Level 1

Relaciona cada concepto con su definición. No hay límite de tiempo. ¡Suerte!

Account, Credit, Time Period Assumption, Debit, Ethics, Internal Users, Business Entity Assumption, Accrued revenues , Prepaid expenses , Risk, Going-concern Assumption, Contra account english , Full disclosure Principle, Monetary Unit Assumption, External Users, Depreciation, Accrual basis accounting print quizzes , Assets, Ledger, Matching Principle, Cash basis accounting , Cost principle , Unearned revenue , Revenue Recognition Principle matching excercise , Accrued expense ,

The uncertainty about the expected return to be earned, Cash received but service or mechandise not providedweb page, Movement in the right side of an account, Expenses incurred but not paid. , Items paid for in advance of receiving the benefits, The business will continue to operate instead of being closed., Movement in the left side of an account, Marketing Manager, H%26R Manager mix questions , Beliefs that distinguish right from wrong, Shareholders, Customers, Suppliers, The life of a company can be divided in periods, Account linked with another; has an oppposite normal balance, Recognit%27n when revenues earned and expenses incurred, Requires assets to be recorded at the amount of money given, Revenues earned but not yet received in cash, A business is accounted for separately from other businesses, Record expenses used to obtain that period revenue., Contains all accounts used by the company, Must be recorded when earned, Resources owned by a Co. that will yield future benefits matching excercise , Record of increases and decreases in a specific entry, Process of allocating the cost of the use of an asset, Report details behind financial statements teaching , Recognition when cash is received or paid , Express transactions in monetary units,