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Robotics Profession

Select the best answer.

1. Which of the following is NOT a course related to Robotics?
Mechanical Engineering, Medical Science, Computer Science, Architecture
2. Which of the following is NOT a learning experience for Robotics career preparation?
Mentoring, Apprenticeship Training, Job Shadowing, Job application
3. It is learning experience where an individual spends time with a worker on the job, observing actual workplace tasks in order toexplore a potential career interest.
Job Shadowing, Apprenticeship Training, Mentoring , On-the-job training
4. A formal occupational training program which combines OJT training related instruction and learning the practical and conceptual skills required in occupation.
Job Shadowing, Apprenticeship Training, Mentoring, Clinical Instruction
5. It is a learning activity where one person shares knowledge, skills and information and the perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else.
Mentoring, Scientific Instruction, Job Shadowing, Apprenticeship Training
6. A role in the Robotics Team that assigns responsibilities and tasks and monitors the team progress and participation.
Computer Programmer, Project Manager, Strategic Planner, Technical Writer
7. distance learning A role in the Robotics Team who documents team progress and ideas, organizes information and keeps track of all the materials.
Research Scientist, Robot Design Engineer, Technical Writer, Project Manager
8. school A role in the Robotics Team that requires knowledge in the Robot components and initiates ideas for the realistic robot model.
Strategic Planner, Technical Writer, Robot Design Engineer, Research Scientist
9. He/She is in charge of writing the programming code in the robotics project that requires strong logical skills.
Computer Programmer, Quality Control Specialist, Technical Writer, Robot Design Engineer
10. matching excercise It is part lf the robot design process where the draft and design are to create a working model of the robot.
Create a prototype, Define the problem, Research and design, Build the robot
11. It is the phase in Robot design process where the actual robot is constructed.
Robot Design Process, Evaluate the robot, Program and test the robot, Research and design
12. It is the part of the Robot design process where the robot is checked if the purpose of the robot is met.
Evaluate the robot, Build the robot, Identify the problem, Create the prototype
13. This person is in charge of checking the robot possible weak points and recommends improvements.
Computer Programmer, Quality Control Specialist, Robot Design Engineer, Research Scientist
14. Which of following is an internationl Robotics certification authority?