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REVISÃO - 6º ano - 2º trimestre

Check the right option. Images from: Atenção! Algumas perguntas não estão relacionadas a imagens.

1. George _________ his car on Saturdays.
It%27s a fish., It%27s a parrot., It%27s a bird., It%27s a turtle.,
bottle-147690_1280.png, , ,
3. What is this?
It%27s a box., It%27s a bottle., It%27s a can., It%27s a jar.,
funny-1460943_1280.png, , ,
5. We _____ to school every day.
nose., hair., mouth., face.,
6. My favorite school subject is...
female-1296200_1280.png, , ,
dances, swims, sleeps, walks,
8. She __________ every day.
box-25203_1280.png, , ,
It%27s a magazine., They are leaves., It%27s a milk carton., It%27s a soda can.,
world-67861_1280.png, , ,
11. He has a red...
PE, science, math, geography,
12. Jason __________ English on Mondays.
wash, washes, is, dance,
13. What is this?
helical-1294938_1280.png, , ,
rabbit., guinea pig., hamster., lizard.,
eat, eats, go, goes,
16. This is a...
drinks, study, opens, studies,