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OPT 102, Unit 2.1

Foveola, Dilator Muscle, Rods online quizzes , Fibrous Tunic Function, Epithelium, Ciliary processes quiz builder , Macula teaching , Endothelium, Optic Nerve Head, Vascular Tunic Function, Nervous Tunic Function, Sphincter Muscle, Stroma online quizzes , Ciliary Muscle, Limbus, Fibrous Tunic Components, Cones, Lens, Vascular Tunic Components, Cornea, Nervous Tunic Components,

Cornea Sclera online , Small region that has ONLY cones learning , Primary function is protection, Produce aqueous fluid grading , Responsible for night, black %26 white vision, Iris Choroid Ciliary Body, Area that has NO rods/cones, 90%25 of the thickness of the cornea online education , Responsible for color/detailed vision, Primary function is nutrition, The refractive media that provides approx. 16 D of power, Corneal-scleral junction learning , Maintains fluid balance in the cornea, Used for central vision, mostly cones, The refractive media that provides approx. 43 D of power, Retina, Causes mydriasis of the pupil, 5 to 6 layers thick, heals without scarring, Causes lens to change shape, Causes miosis of the pupil, This tunic converts light to electrical impulse mix questions ,