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Image Attributes %26 Types

Single Channel Transparency, PNG, BMP, Lossy, Color Depth, Transparency, File Size, JPG, Image, 256 Channel Transparency improve results , Vector, GIF, Compression, Raster, Animation, Lossless,

Images defined in some way by individual pixels, Many shades of transparency, allowing image edges to fade, Compression that does not cause the picture to lose quality , How large or small the file is on the disk., The number of colors that can be used in an image. elearning , Must use if you want animation, single channel transparency, 256 channel transparency, best for clip-art, Best used for photos. Good compression, no transparency, A picture used on a computer made up of pixels or vectors., Image defined by mathematical calculations. Resizes well., Refers to how much an image pixels (%26 image size) are made smaller, Several images are combined and rotate causing movemet, Oldest image file type. Does not have any features., General term for an image having a transparent background interactive , Slider bar compression; user chooses image quality, One single color in an image is transparent - no fade.,