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Use of future forms in English

Future plans, Future arrangements, Predictions, Offerings,

I%27m meeting Sophie in a week%27s time, I%27m going to enjoy my holidays!, Will you please open that door?, activity Thirsty? I%27ll get you a drink, In the future, laws will become more strict in Spain, The UK will leave the EU in two years, The new CEO is going to make some changes, Kazumi is going to change her job, I%27m meeting Sophie next week, She%27s arriving on Monday morning, On Tuesday, I%27m taking her to a local restaurant, I%27m not seeing her on Wednesday, I%27m driving her to the airport on Thursday, What are you going to do then?, Then I%27m going to relax for a few days, All our catalogues will be online next year, In 10 years 80%25 of our sales will be online, No worries, security won%27t be a problem, As a result, efficiency will improve, I%27ll take you to the airport Sophie,