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Vocabulary # 11 and Review # 10

Complete until you have received a score of 100%25 at least once.

thrive, surly, accolade, sedate elearning , phenomenal, adversary, mortify, aroma, navigate, astute, superior teaching , pulverize, mandate, coordination, humanitarian, antic,

far better than something else, works to improve the lives of people who are suffering, the smell of something, to offend or embarrass you a great deal, the person you are competing or fighting against, to declare it must be done grading , find a way to move on, through, or around it, moving several things at once without getting mixed up, do well and are successful, healthy, or strong, very good at understanding things, funny, silly, or unusal ways of acting, quiet and doesn%27t get excited, award to show how much people admire them, unusual because it is so good, crush, pound, or grind it into tiny pieces, to behave in a rude, bad-tempered way,