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Software as a Service (SaaS) web 2.0 , Single-User License, Patch, Primary Key (Access), Text (Excel), Record (Access), Bundleware educational games , Field (Access), Open Source, Number (Excel), Upgrade, Network License, Function, Freeware, Formula (Excel), Shareware,

A column of data quiz generator , Comes with a new computer, A row of data, Can install software on a server for use by multiple computer, Requires the purchase of a newer version of the software, Free for a trial basis only, Free, can be modified, Two Hundred Eighty Two, Can install software on a single computer only, =SUM(B2:B2), =200%2b82, Software on the Internet %26 requires a user ID %26 password crossword maker , 282, Fixes software that you already own teaching , Free, cannot be modified, Unique ID for each record,