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PIN2 First and Second Conditional

If they make a lot of noise when they come home,, When I go to London,, My parents would move abroad to retire, What would you do , My girlfriend will be furious active teaching , If he wins the elections,, If I had the day off work today,, She will be very happy, If you do more sport,, Where will he live educational activities , If it didn%27t rain so much,, I would read more, If I were famous,, If your brother had a car,, If Sally prepares her talk carefully, language , If you go shopping today, ,

if I had more time., when he moves to London?, I%27ll give you a ring so that we can meet for a coffee., if my brother weren%27t still living at home with them., I would give lots of my money to charities., if I am late again!, I will come with you. I need to buy some pasta and milk., she won%27t have any difficulties., would he let you borrow it?, I would spend it in my garden reading., they will wake up their parents., we could go outside more., if you go to see her in the hospital., if you lost your job?, you will feel better., he will do everything he promised.,