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Chapter 4 SS Test #2

Columbus was from, Ways the Taino%27s lives were changed., Cortes was from, Those in New Spain who were from Spain., Cortes was a, Those in New Spain who were both Indian and Spanish. educational activities , Who conquered the Incan Empire?, Bartolome de Las Casas gave up his, Tenochtitlan is now known as build your own quiz , Factors that helped Cortes defeat the Aztec., Bartolome de Las Casas was a, Things that were exchanged in the Columbian Exchange., The Taino were forced to be, Those in New Spain who were Spanish but born in the Americas., In New Spain, they held the lowest position in society., What colony was founded after the defeat of the Incan Empire?,

slavery, disease, over-work, religion, food, starvation, Indians and Africans who had no Spanish ancestors., Peninsulares, Horses, better weapons, allies, diseases to spread, Creoles, Mestizos, conquistador, Spanish priest, Peru, Spain, Christian, Pizarro, encomienda short answer questions , Mexico City, Italy, food, people, animals, diseases, ways of life tool for teachers ,