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Personality words

cautious, meticulous, reticent, hot-tempered, trustworthy, practical, outgoing, pessimistic, optimistic, arrogant, talkative, confident teacher , impulsive, stubborn, bossy, cheerful,

You can believe in me! I will protect your secrets., I never change my mind, even when it%27s wrong., I get angry easily. , I%27m always smiling and happy., I%27m quiet and thoughtful., I am VERY proud of myself--I think I am the best!, I love meeting new people and trying new things!, I always believe everything will be OK!, I am careful and a little nervous when I try something new. , Nothing will be OK. We%27re all doomed. crossword maker , I look at life realistically--no daydreams for me!, I suddenly decide to do things, or suddenly change my mind., I know I can do it!, I love chatting with people. I have so many things to say!, I pay attention to detail. Everything must be perfect., Do what I say!,