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Math I Vocabulary Review

Match the vocabulary term with the best defintion or description!

geometric sequence computer assisted language learning , common difference, Ax%2bBy=c, common ratio, spread, parallel lines, y-intercept, x= a number, arithmetic sequence, quadratic function, center, residual (find by hand), y= a number, Factor (a is 1), types of slope, residual (find on calculator), axis of symmetry, Factor (a not equal to 1), exponential decay, linear function, outliers, exponential growth, slope, correlation coefficient, vertex, exponential function educational games , shape, Linear System, x-intercept, perpendicular lines, y=mx%2bb,

mean median mode, slope-intercept form for linear, standard form for linear, l-shaped y=ab^x exponent is a variable, opposite reciprocal slope intersect at right angle, no solution one solution infinite solutions, maximum/minimum Take the x and sub it in educational activities , Multiply to get %22c%22 add/subtract to get %22b%22, observed minus predicted, parabola y=ax^2%2bbx%2bc degree of 2, the slope of a linear function, SEXY go to L3 2nd stat, undefined slope, rate of change change in y over change in x y2-y1/x2-x1, b is %3e1, IQR standard deviation range, variance, roots solutions zeroes , GCF, Multiply, factor, divide, reduce, coefficient, diagaonal line Ax%2bBy=C degree of 1, x=-b/2a, the%22b%22 in an exponential function, zero slope, 2nd 0, x^-1 go down to diagnostics on (done), b %3c 1, ordered by multiplying or dividing a constant amount, same slope different y-intercept never touch, skewed left skewed right symmetrical peaked, positive negative zero undefined, ordered by adding or subtracting a constant amount, What 30 is for the data 100, 90, 98, 99, initial value flat fee base salary deposit,