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Future actions

1. I%27m thirsty. I ... something to drink.
will have, am going to have, am having,
2. I ... Jane, but then I changed my mind.
is getting, is going to get, will get,
3. The second lesson ... at 9.40.
4. Jim hasn%27t prepared his hometask. He ... a bad mark.
is going to finish, finishes, is finishing,
5. - The bag is so heavy. - I ... you.
is going to have, is having, has,
6. To express spontaneous decisions we use Present Simple.
7. We use %22to be going to%22 to express intention.
was going to invite, was inviting , will invite,
8. -What are you going to do tomorrow? - I ... to the theatre with Tom.
TRUE, FALSE educational activities , ,
9. Julia ... a party on Saturday.
am going to help, am helping, will help,