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unit 1 review

Select any domino you want to start. You must then find the domino that matches the right side of the pair . If you are correct, the domino will slide into place. If not, you will hear a sound to let you know to try again. Your score is at the top of the screen.

Commercial bank, Interest, Budget, PIN number generate answer keys , How many months are there in 3 years, Checking Account crossword maker , short term goal, Long term goal, need , Saving Account, Credit Union, What is 6.75%25 in decimal form?, Debit card, Bank statement, Check register, want,

What you need to reconcile your bank account, The secret code you use at the ATM with your debit card, The extra money you pay the bank when you get a loan, An item you need to live , example housing and food, An account that allows you to save for long and short term goals, What you use to keep up with transactions in you account, A card that will allow you to use an ATM to get money, A plan that helps you manage your spending, A bank that is run by its members, A goal you will reach in more than a year, An account that allows you to make deposits, and write checks dynamic quiz , .0675, A bank that is run by shareholders, 36 months, A goal you can reach in less than 1 year, An item you do not need to live, example cell phone,