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Intracranial Hemorrhages

Putaminal hemorrhage, Thalamic hemorrhage, Pontine hemorrhage, Cerebellar hemorrhage,

Contra hemiplegia %26 hemianesthesia, Similar to occlusion of middle cerebral artery, Homonymous hemianopsia, Gaze preference towards lesion side, Aphasia (if on dominant side), Hemineglect (if on non-dominant side), Alteration in consciousness, Contra hemiplegia %26 hemianesthesia (T), Sensory %3e motor deficit, ESL Eyes deviate away from lesion (%22wrong-way eyes%22), Restriction of upward gaze -forced downward deviation, May have significant consciousness alterations, Early coma, Pinpoint pupils react to light, Impaired or absence of caloric testing response, Decerebrate (extensor) posturing, Sudden onset of dizziness %26 vomiting , Common in hypertensive patients, Truncal ataxia, No early consciousness alteration, May show ipsilateral pontine compression,