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key words and defintions - whole topic

Performance, Anorexia, Diuretics , RICE language , PAR-Q, Beta blockers, Aerobic exercise, EPO multiple choice questions , isotonic muscle contraction, Overfat, Underweight, Anaerobic exercise, Anabolic Steroids, Fitness, Narcotic Analgesics, Recovery , Endomorph, Blood Pressure, Training Thresholds, Self-esteem improve results , Ectomorph, Isometric muscle contraction, Obese online education , Peptide Hormones,

How well a task is completed, time needed to adapt and repair the body, Exercise that utilses oxygen for energy, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Drugs that can be used to reduce feeling of pain, Drugs that increase muscle growth- mimic testosterone , The ability to meet the demands of the environment , muscle contraction where there is no movement , Somatotype with narrow shoulders, little body fat, Force exerted by blood on the walls of the blood vessels , A way of saying you have more fat than you should have , drugs used to control heart rate- have a calming effect, Type of drug that increases red blood cell count, Weighing less than is normal, health or requires, Drugs that elevate the rate of bodily urine excretion, Exercise thay doesn%27t use oxygen for energy, Respect for, or a favourable opinion of oneself, A term used to describe people who are very overfat, Physical activity readiness questionnaire , The boundaries of a target zone, Drugs that cause the production of other hormones, muscle contraction where movement is created, body type, wide hips, characterised by fatness, Prolonged eating disorder due to loss of appetite,