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Components of Fitness key words and definitions

Coordination, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Power, Cardiovascualr fitness test, Speed teaching , Reaction time test , Balance test, Agility, Coordination test, Balance, Reaction time, Flexibility, agility test, Body Composition mix questions , Power Test, Muscular Strength test , Cardiovascular Fitness, Speed Test,

Hand grip dynanometer, Harvard step test/ 12 minute cooper run online activities , three ball juggle, percentage of body which is fat, muscle and bone., The ability to use two or more body parts at the same time, illinois agility run create online quizzes , maximum amount of force exerted against a resistance, Ability to exercise entire body for a long period of time , to use voluntary muscles many times without tiring., Standing stork test, rate at which someone can perform a movment , Ruler Drop Test, The abillity to keep the centre of mass over the base of support educational activities , The range of movement possible at a joint., time between the presentation of a stimulus and onset of moveme, The ability to do strength performances quickly, The ability to change the position of the body quickly , 30m Sprint , seargent jump test/ standing broad jump,